Virtual Dominatrix
Sessions Include

Financial Domination
Foot/Ass/Leg Worship
Relinquish All Control
Life & Business Coach
Long Term Commitments
Contracted Blackmail
Chasity Key Holding
Forced Intoxication
Sissy/Slut Training
Public Humiliation
Finding Your Fin Sub Self
Global Cash Meets
Double Domination
Female & Male

Seeking A “Vanilla Session”?

I also own NaughtyvilleLive.com 
Over 1000 Ladies Live Now

A Dark Portal

Attainable to those with deep pockets. The portal is custom designed to the elite access holders desires. This is a website quite like no other. A personal site built for the elite access holder. It contains all the online needs of the access holders’ daily life. As a special bonus/business exchange personal virtual assistant services are included.

You will have access to the deep dark fictional and non-fictional stories pertaining to the creation of the Illuminaughty Princess known as Faith Foxxx-Madison aka the Worlds Original CamPrincess.

Open your mind and your wallet go to places you have never gone before. Your financial fantasies tied into your daily life.

Let go and Let Faith take complete control. Your life as you know it is nothing without me.  What do deep pockets mean exactly?

The starting point is five thousand us dollars per month.  Out of your league no worries lower price points can gain you limited access.

This information is only provided to those that have been accepted as a financial slave.

If you find yourself asking me, “can I meet you in person,” you can be assured that the answer will be, “No.” When I decide to meet with someone, I will summon them. Not the other way around.

Russell Brand Radio Show Financial Domination Q & A With Faith Foxxx Madison

Russell Brand Radio Show Financial Domination Q & A With Faith Foxxx Madison From FinDomme.Org Follow Faith Foxxx Madison On Twitter At http://www.twitter.com/CamPrincess

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By Proceeding you agree you are in good health both mind and body.
This website goes far beyond your average entertainment website.|
If you are ready to be fully emerged in my fantasy world proceed let yourself be known.

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